Disability & wellbeing support

We are committed to providing the best possible support for disabled students. We offer support to students with physical and sensory impairments, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, mental health difficulties, and long-term health conditions. Anything you tell us regarding your disability or health condition will be dealt with in strict confidence.

The following are included under the umbrella term ‘disabilities’:

  • Specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)
  • Sight impairment
  • Deafness or hearing impairment
  • Mobility difficulties
  • Mental health difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety)
  • Autistic spectrum conditions
  • Long-term health issues (e.g. diabetes, arthritis, cancer, Crohn’s disease)

We know that each person’s disability can affect them in different ways, so the support we offer is flexible and tailored to each individual.  We encourage all students with disabilities to contact us so that we can discuss meeting your individual needs.

Disability & Additional Needs Policy

Our full Disability and Additional Needs Policy can be found on our main Code of Practice page here.

Student Finance & Bursary Scheme

You may be entitled to DSA (Disabled Student Allowance), please see the Student Finance and Bursary Scheme for further details.