Once you’re a student at UCEM, you’ll have access to our valuable careers advice and guidance service, which will stay with you until three years after you graduate. We are committed to delivering this in a professional, impartial and accessible way, to equip our students and graduates with the skills and knowledge to effectively choose and manage their careers.

What we do for you

  • We coach and facilitate you in achieving your career goals
  • We work with you to identify which career will suit you and to help you develop a career action plan
  • We help you to identify the skills you need to develop and progress in your career and plan how you will develop them

To achieve this we provide resources on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), with guidance on topics such as: networking, preparing your CV and understanding your career motivations. We have a careers and employability advisor who you can contact for impartial and confidential advice. We also have an online Job Shop where employers advertise a wide range of job opportunities and placements.



UCEM’s mentoring programme connects alumni and students, so that alumni can share industry experience and knowledge with current students. Mentoring can help students to study successfully and develop a better insight into their chosen sector.

Any current student can become a mentee regardless of where you are based or how far you have progressed on your programme. We understand that people need mentors at different stages of their career and for different reasons, so we encourage you contact the careers team to discuss your requirements. Our mentors look for students who are clear in their goals and understand any particular skills or experience they would like their mentor to have.

To find out more, please read our mentoring booklet.

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