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Our representatives act as a bridge between students and UCEM and ensure that all students are consulted throughout their journey. This allows UCEM to act on feedback and create positive change for the whole student community.

Lead Student Representative & Student Trustee

Your lead student representative plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the student voice is championed at the highest levels within UCEM. They attend crucial meetings and work closely with student representatives and UCEM staff to discuss key issues affecting the student body. This person is also a student trustee. With a focus on the student cohort, the trustee attends Board of Trustee meetings and sub-committees to provide non-executive oversight of all UCEM activities and to contribute to the development of strategy and the university’s future vision.


Student Trustee

With a focus on the student cohort, this trustee attends Board of Trustee meetings and sub-committees to provide non-executive oversight of all UCEM activities and to contribute to the development of strategy and the university’s future vision.

Academic Board Student Representatives

UCEM’s Academic Board is our supreme academic authority and guardian of the academic quality and standards of its higher and further education awards. The Academic Board is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees. We have two student representatives on this board who attend all meetings and provide insight and feedback on the student experience.

Programme Student Representatives

Programme student representatives represent the students on each specific programme. They encourage debate, champion students’ views and act as a communication channel between programme leaders and students.


Jimmy Liu – Programme Student Representative

My name is Jimmy and I live in Hong Kong. I am a new student at UCEM and previously worked in the garment industry. I am now studying on the MSc Building Surveying programme as I would like a different career. I enjoy being a programme student rep as I can express my cohort’s thoughts on UCEM’s teaching and learning. I am also using this opportunity to get involved with other students by helping them to succeed and contributing to UCEM’s development. Hopefully, through these interactions, I can develop myself more and have a deeper understanding of the building surveying industry.

Headshot Meg Pankhurst

Meg Pankhurst – Programme Student Representative

I enjoy being a student rep as it provides the opportunity to encourage and support other students, whether that be with studying, work or life in general. I am also extremely grateful for the platform that I now have to offer suggestions and changes to online learning, which I hope will benefit students for years to come. Ultimately, providing guidance and contributing to positive change is my goal as a student rep and forming long-lasting relationships with others is a bonus.




Our student ambassadors aim to inspire current and potential students at networking, open events and webinars. They also have a presence on our social media and email communications where they answer questions about the student experience and give advice.



Our Lead Student Representative role is a paid position and all other representative and ambassador roles are voluntary (with expenses reimbursed). Each of the roles are flexible to suit your needs – whether you need adjustments in order to fully participate or can only commit a few hours a month, everyone is welcome to apply.

Elections are held once a semester so you can get involved at any time throughout your UCEM journey.

To apply or for more information, please contact: