At UCEM a commitment to equality is embedded in all that we do. We celebrate diversity and the strengths that it brings to our staff body, our student community and our Board of Trustees, recognising that people are key to our success.

UCEM provides accessible, relevant and cost-effective education which enhances careers, increases professionalism and leads to a more sustainable built environment. Our mission has always been to provide flexible and affordable education to a worldwide, diverse student community. We aim to become the Centre of Excellence for Built Environment Education. Anyone wanting to study in a built environment discipline should be able to access the education we provide.

At UCEM, we are committed:

  • to achieving equality for all those who learn and work here
  • to providing equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination
  • to delivering courses that are accessible to all students, regardless of age, location or any protected characteristics
  • to embedding a working and learning environment which makes all students, staff and trustees feel part of a community, one which celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for all
  • to challenging under-representation, discrimination and differences in outcomes.

At UCEM we are working to meet the objectives set out in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Code of Practice and Access and Participation Plan to ultimately widen participation in the built environment sector.

UCEM is a member of the 30% Club which collectively seeks to promote gender equality on Boards and Senior Management Teams in organisations across the world as a first step towards true diversity and equality. UCEM’s Board of Trustees is 50% female and its Senior Leadership Team is 55% female.


As a Board of Trustees, we believe that equality must be at the heart of any successful organisation.  We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion within the university college and the industries it serves.

 We fully endorse and support the organisation’s EDI Commitment and its work to meet the objectives set out in its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Code of Practice and Access and Participation Plan to ultimately widen participation in the built environment sector.

 In our role providing governance, monitoring and strategic direction for the institution we commit to:

  • Including EDI on the agenda at every board meeting
  • Regularly reviewing progress against EDI objectives
  • Annually reviewing all UCEM’s EDI metrics
  • Identifying a named EDI Lead Trustee
  • Proactively work to increase the diversity of the board of trustees
  • Ensure that all Trustee recruitment shortlists are inclusive of underrepresented groups
Amanda Clack UCEM Photo

Amanda Clack

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Amanda has a focus on improving diversity and inclusion at both UCEM and in the built environment in her role as chair and she is also the author of Diversity and Inclusion in the Real Estate Sector.

Misa Von Tunzelman

Misa von Tunzelman

Lead Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Misa champions EDI across UCEM at board, staff and student level, bringing a commitment and institution-wide focus to delivering on the UCEM EDI Strategy and the Access and Participation Plan.



The built environment needs a diverse workforce that reflects Britain’s diverse population. A workforce to utilise the innovation and technology available to match the needs of consumers in the built and natural environments.

Industry bodies including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Construction Industry Training Board and the Chartered Institute of Building recognise the need and value of diversity in the industry and have developed policies and action plans to tackle barriers to entry, encourage a more diverse profession and grow the industry’s appeal to a broader population as a career of choice.



At UCEM, we recognise that we have a role to play in widening participation and have specific goals to address this. These goals are embedded in our Access and Participation Plan.

Our outreach team works with student focus groups including representatives from our BAME, LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse students and users of our disability and wellbeing service, so we hear the viewpoints of as many voices as possible. We use their feedback to improve as an institution to be more inclusive.

UCEM works with a wide range of students, providing access courses for those needing a route into higher education, accessible programmes for those in the military and services veterans, as well as our apprenticeship, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.



We pledge to make everyone feel welcome in every aspect of our marketing communications, application process, operations and education.

  • We listen to our representatives and ambassadors, our staff and our students, and we will learn from their stories to be empathetic with under-represented groups
  • We question every activity we undertake through all under-represented group lenses to ensure it is fully inclusive
  • We actively collaborate with campaigns and organisations who are pushing the widening participation agenda
  • We are proud to drive change, and be seen to be driving change, both in our institution and in our industry



UCEM is working to increase the number of students from under-represented groups and a vital part of this is understanding the experience of people from these groups of the higher education sector and the built environment industries.

Students meet with Student Ambassadors for focus groups meet up to twice a year and are made up of students and staff from diverse backgrounds who share their stories with a view to impacting everything that UCEM does, not only in order to make everyone feel that they are welcome here, but also to push for change in our industry.

The more people who take part in our focus groups, the more powerful they are! If you would like to take part in a focus group, please contact Charlotte Thackeray.