UCEM recognises that all students have different financial circumstances and offers several ways to pay:

Pay by: Organisation sponsorship

Applicants who intend to have their studies funded through a sponsorship agreement need to have a completed and submitted sponsorship agreement form before the registration deadline. PLEASE NOTE: If your employer requires our invoicing to reflect a valid purchase order number, please provide this alongside the sponsorship agreement form. Documentation must be signed by the sponsor. You cannot sign it yourself unless you are a sole trader, in which case confirmation of your status is required on your business’ headed paper.

Once a sponsorship agreement (and valid purchase order where required) has been accepted by UCEM,  your sponsoring organisation will have 30 days from the invoice date to pay, which will not affect your ability to register and commence your programme.

Pay by: Student loan from Student Finance England/Wales

Applicants who intend to fund their studies through a student loan should apply to the Student Loan Company as soon as possible as student loan applications can take up to 6-8 weeks to be processed.

’Applicants who intend to use a student loan funding will need to select the ‘awaiting an adjustment’ option in the registration portal to notify the Finance team. If your student loan is approved, your record will be updated, and you will receive further instructions on how to complete your registration.

  • For undergraduate students – As the loan will be paid directly to UCEM, the Finance team will make an adjustment to your record which will allow you to complete the registration with the student loan
  • For postgraduate students – As the loan will be paid directly to you, initial payment to UCEM must be made to complete the registration. After you have registered and paid, our finance team will confirm your registration with Student Finance who will then release the awarded funding to your bank account. If you are unable to pay by 5x instalments payment plan, please contact the Finance team for an alternative payment plan to coincide with your postgraduate instalments.

Applicants who do not have a student loan approved in time for the registration deadline will be required to set up a monthly payment plan with a 20% deposit to be allowed to register and begin their studies. Any payments made will be refunded to you once the loan has been approved.

Pay by: One-off payment

Applicants who intend to fund their studies by paying for the entire programme upfront can make a one-off payment by credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa or AMEX) or via Paypal. Payment for the semester will be taken on the day of registration.

You can also pay by banker’s draft, or direct bank transfer. Please choose the alternative payment options on the registration portal. Our bank details will be available on the page.

Please be advised that the full semester’s fee payment is required if you make a bank transfer or pay by banker’s draft. Also note that the fees should be paid in pounds sterling (GBP).


You can also pay by banker’s draft, or direct bank transfer. Please contact to request our bank details. Also note that the fees should be paid in pounds sterling (GBP).

Pay by: Monthly instalments

For Spring 2024 Semester the monthly instalments option is available to all students. From Autumn 2024 Semester going forward the monthly instalments option will only be available to students living in the UK, Channel Islands and The Isle of Man.

International students who start their programme in Spring 2024 or before, will be eligible to pay by instalments for the duration of the programme.

International students who start their programme from Autumn 2024 will be required to pay their semester fees in full upon registration.

Applicants who intent to fund their studies through monthly instalments can do this if they have a credit or debit card. There is no additional charge for using this plan and no interest is charged either. The amount you pay is generated by the number of modules you study per semester and is divided into five monthly instalments.

The first instalment will be taken on the day of registration. The remaining monthly instalments will begin on the 1st of the month after the start date of your programme.

When you have set up an instalment plan, you will receive an email advising you of the amounts and expected instalment due dates. Please be advised that failed payments may result in the removal of a student’s access to our virtual learning environment and study materials.

Pay by: Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS)