The fees vary from programme to programme. Find out more about the breakdown of costs for each programme below. 

Undergraduate programme fees

 2021/22 academic year:

£1,175 per module x 17 modules (students on the part-time route usually study two modules per semester and students on the full-time route usually study three modules per semester)

Total programme fee £19,975


Postgraduate programme fees

2021/22 academic year:

£1,175 per module x 8 modules (usually students undertake two modules per semester)

Total programme fee £9,400 


Single module fees

2021/22 academic year:

£1,175 per single module (for both undergraduate and postgraduate modules)


Fee structure

For the majority of our programmes fees are charged per semester based on the number of modules to be studied in that semester.

The fees shown on the relevant pages give an indication of the fees payable in total for the programme for students commencing the programme on the next date as indicated.  For students continuing on the same programme fees are fixed for the duration of that programme.


Retake fees

At UCEM, if you do not pass a module at the first attempt you will normally be allowed to resubmit your failed assessment by a set deadline during the following semester free of charge. If you fail the module again at the resubmission attempt, you must join the next delivery of the module as a retake attempt. You will normally be required to pay the full module fee again when you retake a module.