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Building Perspectives is a series of free live webinars with UCEM experts and sector specialists.

Join us for topical conversations around the built environment and sustainability.

The forecast is gloomy

What does the construction industry need to know to ensure a sustainable future?

27 April 2023 at 13:00-13:45 (GMT)

The third instalment of the Building Perspectives series will dissect how the cost-of-living crisis impacts the construction sector’s viability to stay on top of the sustainability agenda.

Rising costs during a construction project goes beyond affecting the profitability – it affects an organisation’s ability to survive. Construction organisations must manage costs while staying competitive. The question remains: how do the rising material and labour costs determine their future sustainability?

Join us to discover the impact the crisis could have on both the sector and your business, with a telling forecast from a leading construction economist, Professor Noble Francis (Construction Products Association). Hosted by Dr Wendy Finlay, the CPD explores questions, including:

  • Is there something on the horizon not experienced before?
  • What effect could managing costs have on taking a more sustainable approach to construction?
  • Who will be hit the hardest? Housing, commercial, or infrastructure?
  • Can economic history help us find a more sustainable solution for the future?
Professor Noble Francis

Economics Director, Construction Product Association

Interested in sustainability?

New master’s degree programme

From 2023 (subject to validation), UCEM will be offering a master’s degree focusing on sustainability in the built environment. Exploring the challenges, perceptions and practicalities of sustainability, this professional qualification for senior leaders and managers, will develop the critical skills and language to influence others. It will conceptualise sustainability as a process and provide valuable insight into where to put effort, money and resources.


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