As such the site has been constructed in accordance with the accessibility guidelines as set out by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. For more details on how to change the format of the website, or to contact UCEM with comments or suggestions regarding accessibility, please contact

Making text larger

The way this site is constructed allows you to change the size of text in our pages. The pages below from the BBC guide provide instructions on how to change the size of text in a wide range of browsers.

Changing text and background colours

High contrast

Certain areas of the UCEM website provide the option for a high contrast colour scheme. This can be toggled by the Contrast button at the top of the navigation menu.

Access keys

This site makes use of “access keys”, that is to say keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate the site. PC users should press ALT + number, Mac users should press CTRL + number:

0 – This accessibility page
1 – Home Page
2 – Toggle high contrast*
3 – Site Map
4 – Site search box
5 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9 – Contacts Page
If you are experiencing difficulties, please refer to this list of browser keyboard shortcuts, as it may vary.

*This is only available on pages on a certain template.

PDF files

We provide some guides in PDF format, for which you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from the Adobe web site. Please note Adobe offer an online conversion tool (from PDF to HTML) if you have trouble accessing PDF files.

User stylesheets

The presentation of this site is driven by cascading stylesheets (CSS), so it is possible to modify the appearance of this site by use of your own stylesheet. The CSS Discuss website provides a useful introduction to user stylesheets.