UCEM’s flexible, online professional training courses are developed by leading academics and practitioners.   They are designed specifically for the construction and real estate industry and those with an interest in sustainable development.

These courses will allow you to upskill, and where needed, ensure your legislative knowledge is up to date. Providing personal development for built environment professionals, the courses are offered in a wide range of formats, including self-managed, bite-size and tutor-supported.

  • Professional development to enhance your skills and build knowledge
  • Courses delivered online, offering flexibility and accessibility
  • Topical content, informed by current research and, data, with insights from industry experts

UCEM also offers bespoke professional training solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements. A range of delivery options are available from face-to-face training to virtual workshops and self-managed learning. Please get in touch with academy@ucem.ac.uk to discuss your requirements with a member of the team.

Sustainability Training

Controlling Energy and Carbon Emissions in Buildings

Develop your knowledge of energy use and carbon emissions in the built environment, focusing on how ‘energy use’ and ‘carbon emissions’ differ, and how they are linked.
£95 (6 hours).

Reaching Net Zero Through Passive Building Design

Explore how introducing passive design concepts into a building design can reduce the energy use and whole life carbon emissions associated with buildings.
£95 (6 hours).

Reducing Energy Use Through Active Building Design

Examine active systems which can be used to reduce energy use e.g. smart controls, MVHR units and heat pumps. Consider the benefits of renewable energy technologies.
£95 (6 hours).

Understanding Energy and Carbon Assessments for Buildings

Focus on the key principles of energy performance measurement and how energy use and carbon emissions in buildings can be assessed as part of the global drive towards net zero.
£95 (6 hours).

Diagram of the Life Cycle Carbon Assessment

Conducting Life Cycle Carbon Assessments

Understand how to conduct, interpret, and optimise an embodied whole life carbon assessment (LCA) during the design phase of a construction project. Includes an example of how an LCA is conducted using proprietary software.
£195 (6 hours).


Fire Safety Design Fundamentals

An introduction to fire safety design in construction. Examines fire science, active and passive fire safety methods and the current regulatory framework for fire safety design.
£135 (4 hours).

Construction Project Management

Develop an understanding of the key skills and knowledge required to operate as a construction project manager. Specific focus on programming and planning.
£550 (12 weeks, tutor supported).

Quantity Surveying Fundamentals

A quantity surveying foundation course designed to develop core knowledge and understanding of quantity surveying/commercial management techniques and issues.
£605 (6 months, tutor supported).

Introduction to Property as an Investment

A basic overview of the reasons why investors may choose property as an investment. An introduction to the mechanisms of the property market and the role of the valuer.
£25 (2 hours).

The Five Methods of Valuation

For those who want fundamental knowledge of the most used valuation methods. When to use certain methods, and how to apply each when conducting a valuation.
£260 (35 hours).

CIOB Chartered Membership Programme and PR Mentoring

A route to chartered membership of the CIOB for those with experience in the construction industry; but who lack formal qualifications. Includes PR mentoring after exam success.
£1600 (6-9 months + 3 months, tutor supported).

CIOB Professional Review (PR)

Personal mentoring, support, and guidance during the final stage in the route to membership of the CIOB. £560 (3 months, tutor supported)

UCEM offers a range of short courses designed in partnership with The King’s Foundation including free courses such as, Sustainable Urban Design Series and Rapid Planning Toolkit.