At UCEM we recognise our unique position in being highly influential in the education of the industry professionals who design, develop, and manage our Built Environment. In that regard we have always been mindful of our sustainability commitments, although we appreciate that we can do more to ensure the Built Environment we help to create is a sustainable one.

In 2014 we felt it was time for a thorough review of how sustainability affects our institution. This process is ongoing, but we are able to share with you our UCEM sustainability ambitions.

Our strategic ambitions are to develop and implement genuine sustainability credentials as a socially responsible institution by;

  • Ensuring our students are conversant in best practice and in nurturing a sustainable built environment
  • Making sustainability a central focus at institutional, departmental and individual levels
  • Establishing UCEM as a leader in the sustainability agenda through actively influencing industry and conducting research in our sector

We are taking these commitments to sustainability very seriously, and these dovetail with our ambition to be the leading, vocational, online provider.

UCEM’s commitment to sustainability has been agreed and signed by both our Board of Trustees and all staff.

To help focus the implementation of our ambitious plans, we have developed a UCEM sustainability brand, ‘beesustainable’, which you will see more of when you study with us.