Sustainability supports UCEM’s vision and core purpose to provide truly accessible, relevant and cost effective education, enabling students to enhance careers, increase professionalism and contribute to a better built environment.

The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) takes collective responsibility for the Institution’s sustainability agenda, comprising operational and academic activities, aligned with our ambition to become the ‘Centre of Excellence for Built Environment Education’. UCEM strives for excellence in economic, environmental and social responsibility. A key strategic aim is ‘to develop and implement genuine sustainability credentials’ through the Sustainability Statement which reflects our vision to ensure that:

“UCEM fully accepts its responsibilities to the natural environment and the global society. We are committed to driving forward the sustainability agenda and will play a positive and transformative role that will contribute to securing an economically, politically, environmentally and socially sustainable future.”

This statement outlines our commitment to the principles of sustainable development and is designed to drive our successes, focus our activities and inspire us to support the best possible practice. UCEM is committed to:

  • Ensuring our students are conversant in best practice to nurture sustainable built environments
  • Making sustainability a central focus for UCEM at organisational, departmental and individual levels through driving forward long-term and effective behavioural change
  • Establishing UCEM as a leader in the sustainability agenda through actively influencing industry and conducting research