Code of Practice

The scope of UCEM’s Code of Practice is to set out UCEM’s academic policies and procedures and the underpinning principles for quality and standards of UCEM’s programmes. The code is a dynamic document that is subject to a rolling programme of review. It has been developed and continues to be informed by good practice within the wider further and higher education community and the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education.


Academic Infrastructure: An Introductory Overview

The Introductory Overview to the Academic Infrastructure introduces students and other readers inside and outside of UCEM, to each aspect of the Academic Infrastructure and sign posts you to the more detailed guidance and statements of policy and practice.

Academic Infrastructure: Higher Education Programmes – An Introductory Overview

Academic infrastructure: Further Education Programmes – An Introductory Overview

Admissions and Recognition of Prior Learning

UCEM is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all students. UCEM has Admissions Policies aimed at ensuring fairness to all applicants and to meet the required legal obligations and UCEM Policies.

Code of Practice Admissions Policy – Higher Education Programmes

Code of Practice Admissions Policy – Further Education Programmes

Disability and Special Educational Needs

UCEM is committed to equal education for all regardless of a student’s special needs or requirements. UCEM will endeavour to meet any such needs in order to give all students with disabilities an equal opportunity in education and this section sets out UCEM’s policies and procedures for disabled students and students with special educational needs.

Disability and Special Needs Policy

Disability and Special Needs Statement of Service

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

This section sets out UCEM’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy which identifies the principal objectives and priorities for the period 2016-2020.

Code of Practice chapter on Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2016-2020

Work-based Learning Guidance notes

Programme Development and Validation

Programme Monitoring, Amendment, Review and Discontinuation

This section sets out the broad principles and procedures that guide the design, approval, annual monitoring and periodic review and re-approval of UCEM’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study. It also identifies the provisions that will be followed in event of a programme or award being withdrawn.

Code of Practice Programme Monitoring, Amendment, Review and Discontinuation

Terms of Reference for Programme Review Meetings

Board of Examiners

This section sets out UCEM’s expectations for the conduct of boards of examiners including defining the roles and responsibilities of all staff involved.

Code of Practice on Board of Examiners

External Examining

This section sets out the principal responsibilities of External Examiners appointed to awards offered by UCEM, procedures relating to their appointment, reporting and other duties, and their involvement with boards of examiners, their nomination and circumstances relating to the termination of their appointment.

Code of Practice on External Examining

Academic Misconduct

This section sets out UCEM’s process and procedure relating to academic misconduct.

Code of Practice chapter on Academic Misconduct

Student Engagement

UCEM values student contribution and is committed to working in partnership with the student community to develop the student experience. This section provides information on policy and procedural issues at UCEM in relation to student engagement and representation of UCEM students throughout their programme of study.

Code of Practice on Student Engagement

Student Representation Handbook

Student Charter

Career Education, Information & Guidance

UCEM aims to ensure that all UCEM students have access to appropriate career education, information, advice and guidance and that students are provided with opportunities during their studies to develop career related knowledge and skills. This section sets out UCEM policy and procedure in relation to this.

Code of Practice chapter on Career Education, Information and Guidance


Research and Scholarship

UCEM recognises the value of research and scholarly activity in supporting academic excellence. It promotes and sustains research and scholarly activity that is consistent with the mission and strategic objectives of the College.

Code of Practice on Research and Scholarship

Research Strategy

Intellectual Property Policy

Equality and Diversity

UCEM is committed to securing equal opportunities for individuals; celebrating diversity and eliminating unfair discrimination in the pursuance of its mission. Full details of our commitment to equality and diversity can be found in UCEM Code of Practice Equality and Diversity.

Information About Higher Education Provision

This section sets out the framework UCEM operates in order to ensure the accuracy and transparency of the information it provides about itself.

Code of Practice Information About Higher Education Provision.