UCEM reasserts its commitment to organisational excellence with Advance HE membership

Posted on: 4 September, 2020

UCEM has renewed its Advance HE membership for 2020-21, ensuring continued access to vital resources and supporting valuable partnerships across the Higher Education sector.

The membership supports UCEM’s vision ‘to be the Centre of Excellence for Built Environment education’. In particular, the membership relates to the UCEM’s strategy to have a positive impact on Higher Education through education policy lobbying, collaborative relationships and widening participation efforts.

UCEM Principal, Ashley Wheaton, commented: “Advance HE is a fantastic organisation with admirable aims to make Higher Education better for all. Advance HE’s member institution list is hugely impressive and demonstrates the calibre of organisations it brings together for the good of the sector.

“Membership affords my colleagues and I opportunities to attend events and access resources which will greatly benefit us. I look forward to continuing to be an active participant of Advance HE on behalf of UCEM.”

Membership provides UCEM with many benefits including: access to Charters transforming and supporting gender and race equality in HE and research; toolkits to support good governance; consultancy and enhancement services; and reports, publications and resources available to staff across the institution.

Visit https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/ to find out more about Advance HE. For more on UCEM’s ambitions, take a look at the institution’s Vision and Strategy brochure.