Enabling Successful Built Environment Apprenticeships: A Call to Action

Posted on: 13 July, 2023

Enabling Successful Built Environment Apprenticeships: A Call to Action’, published by UCEM in partnership with the Construction Industry Council and the Construction Leadership Council recommends reforms to increase the retention, continuation and success of built environment apprenticeships, especially at higher technical and professional levels.

Apprenticeships have emerged as a key avenue for bringing people into technical and professional roles in the built environment. However, the report identifies some barriers to these types of apprenticeships which need to be overcome if we are to prepare the built environment professionals of tomorrow with the competencies that will deliver enhanced building safety standards, net-zero, sustainability and digital transformation.

The report also highlights how sectoral collaboration and partnerships are critical to attracting and retaining the right people in construction and the built environment, via the right apprenticeships, the right training providers and end point assessment processes, at the right time.