Opening of new wing, 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields, programme

Programme for new wing opening at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Programme for an event opening a new wing of CEM's premises. The new wing was the addition of 20 Portugal Street to the existing 19 Portugal Street and 35 Lincoln's…

Destruction at Lincoln's Inn Fields after the Blitz

Post-blitx outward view from Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Post-Blitz outward view from CEM's 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields premises, 1941

Lincoln's Inn Fields postroom after the Blitz

Post department post-blitz

Photograph of the post deparmental at CEM's premises in 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields site, post-Blitz

35 Lincoln's Inn Fields, postal dept

Post department pre-blitz

Photograph of the post deparmental at CEM's premises in 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields site, pre-Blitz

35 Lincoln's Inn Fields premises purchase booklet

Sale advert for Lincoln’s Inn Fields 1920

An advert for the sale of Lincoln's Inn Fields and Portugal Street premises, June 3rd 1920, which would eventually become CEM's premises.

Neville Chamberlain opening CEM's new wing in 1927

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at the opening of the new CEM wing 1927

Photograph, featuring future Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, at the opening of a new wing at CEM, October 1927. At this time, Chamberlain was the Minister for Health in the Conservative…

Drawing of Lincoln's Inn Fields by Mr Hanslip Fletcher

Drawing of Lincoln’s Inn Fields

A drawing of 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields site by Mr Hanslip Fletcher, featured in an article in The Times on 27 June 1943, reporting that the Lincoln's Inn frontage of…

Entrance Hall 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Lincoln’s Inn Fields hall

Drawing of the entrance hall at CEM's 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields premises.

Blitz damage Lincoln's Inn Fields

Blitz damage at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

35 Lincoln's Inn Fields after an incendiary raid during the Blitz. The building was damaged by enemy action in the Autumn of 1940, before being devastated by incendiary bombs in…

Pigs at 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Pigs at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Following CEM's temporary relocation to 11 Great George Street following the destruction of 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields during the Blitz, the ruins of 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields were adopted by…

Irene Barclay

Irene Barclay

Irene Barclay, Britain's first female Chartered Surveyor, who studied for her professional examinations with CEM.

Inaugural ceremony - Estates Gazette

Estates Gazette article on inaugural ceremony

A copy of the Estates Gazette from 14 April 1923, reporting on CEM's inaugural ceremony. CEM's first President and Principal are pictured.