Dr. Muhammad Rana is a full-time academic tutor and a leading researcher at UCEM. He has previously worked with the University of Wolverhampton, the University of Salford, and Highways England on various projects in the UK related to highway maintenance, simulation modeling, and lean construction. He is a mechanical engineer and completed his Ph.D. in Construction Management (lean construction and simulation modeling on highway operations) from the University of Salford in 2018.

During the last three years, Dr. Muhammad Rana has won several research funding grants totaling up to £400k from the Innovate UK, Qatar National Research Fund, British Council, Salford University, Highways England, and CIB on various topics of Sustainability, Off-site Construction, Energy Efficiency, Water Management, and Environmental Resilience.

He also publishes frequently on off-site construction, MMC, Lean, and simulation modeling. Recently he has won 3 grants from British Council, Going Global Partnerships, on the critical topic of Gender Equality in Academia and industry in Jordan and Egypt.

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He is responsible for Commercial Management, Construction Project Management, and Sustainability courses at the University College of Estate Management.

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PG Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education, University of Wolverhampton

PhD, Construction Management, University of Salford

MSc, Engineering Project Management, University of Manchester

BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Salford


FHEA (Fellow, Higher Education Academy)


Dr Muhammad Rana is currently the module leader for PMA6CPM Construction Project Management and MAN6CMC Commercial Management.
He has previously taught:

  • Project Management
  • Modern Methods of Construction
  • Discrete Event Simulation Modelling
  • Operational Project Management
  • Research Methodology


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  1. British Council Going Global Partnership 2022 Project on “Gender, Education, and Career; Improving Transitions for Women from Higher Education to Employment in Egypt worth £24,600 Muhammad Rana 90% and Prof Angela Lee 10%. 
  2. British Council Going Global Partnership 2022 Project on “Furthering Gender Equality in Jordanian Higher Education and Leadership via societal and structural changes” worth £24,600 Muhammad Rana 80%, Dr Wendy Finlay 5% and Prof Angela Lee 15%. 
  3. British Council Going Global Partnership 2022 Project on “Levelling Up STEM! Towards gender equality in the pathways to Jordanian Higher Education and employability” worth £23,950 Muhammad Rana 65% and Prof Angela Lee 35%. 
  4. British Council Environmental Link Project with British University Egypt on investigating Technical Barriers in the implementation of Renewable Energy worth £48,500 Muhammad Rana 55% and Olugbenga Oladinrin 45%. 
  5. British Council Researcher Links grant with Jordan 2019 on “Coping with Climate Change and Water Scarcity in Jordan for Sustainable Growth: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Mitigation Measures: HydJo” worth £18,040. Muhammad Rana 95%, Mike Fullen 5% (2019-RLWK11-10570). 
  6. The STELLAR project worth £1.2M funded by Innovate U.K to accelarate research into Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and find solutions to the U.K. housing crisis. £300k Muhammad Rana 10%. 
  7. Developing an Automated Design Decision Support Software for Productive Indoor Environment (ADSPE) funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) worth £400k. 
  8. British Council Researcher Links grant with the Philippines 2020 on “Developing Smart Environmental Resilience Solutions for Coastal areas in the Philippines: Susceptibility, Adaptation and Mitigation Measures: SEACAP” worth £67,000. Muhammad Rana 95%, Chaminda Pathirage 5% (2019-RLWK11-10237). 
  9. British Council Researcher Links grant with Brazil 2020 on “Urbanisation confronts Human Rights: Simulating a sustainable Urban future in Brazil using the integration of BIM and Systems Modelling: BIM2S” worth £40,000. Muhammad Rana 95%, David Heesom 5% (2019-RLWK11-10235). 
  10. British Council Researcher Links grant with Jordan 2019 on “Shifting the Energy Efficiency to a New Level in Jordan: Integrating Ambient Intelligence and Big data in the Built Environment. SEENJordan” worth £19,800. Muhammad Rana 70%, Mohammed Arif 20%, Rana Khan 10% (2019-RLWK11-10504). 
  11. Global Challenges Research Fund 2019 worth £3000 on Smart and Safe Transportation in China. Muhammad Rana 100% 
  12. CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award Winner 2017 is worth £2500 to integrate CIB construction traditional forums and social media. 
  13. Salford University Internal funding 2016, worth £2000 internal from the University of Salford to study and improve the Traffic Management in the UK 


Dr Muhammad Rana has worked with Lean implementation Departments of Highways England, Costain and Mott MacDonalds during this PhD work at the University of Salford especially on the A556 Project.


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