Built for improvement

UCEM is constantly listening to and reviewing student feedback gathered through surveys, focus groups, student representatives, module evaluations and on the VLE. We use this information to improve our programmes and make enhancements to our student experience. Here are just some of the changes that we’ve made as a response to student feedback:

You said

That assessment deadlines were too close together…

So we have staggered assessment submission dates across modules we anticipate are studied together so they do not fall at the same time. We have created more space in modules to allow for preparation of assessments.

You said

That the amount of directed study time on some modules was challenging…

So we have checked study hours using a study calculator developed by the UCEM Digital Education team to ensure estimated study times are as accurate as possible.

You said

That the required reading was too high for some modules…

So we have reviewed the reading requirements for all modules and have focussed on the essential reading and learning activities to support the core knowledge required.

You said

That you wanted more opportunities for academic support…

So we have introduced the opportunity to book 1:1 support sessions on modules to support your studies.

You said

That information about assessments needed to be more detailed and clearer…

So we have improved the assessment information provided in collaboration with students in the Learning Experience Student Panel.

You said

You would like more on-going academic support during your student journey.

So we have introduced the opportunity to book 30-minute sessions with the Study Support Team. To help you to prepare for assessments, we have also improved the available report and assessment templates. The Study Support Team also run weekly drop-in sessions every Monday at 2pm (UK Time) to provide academic support.

You said

You would like more opportunities to contact your module and programme staff members.

So we have included the contact details of your module and programme teams on the VLE so you can contact them more easily.

You said

You would like to see Sustainability related topics included in your studies.

So we have embedded Sustainability developmental goals in every module studied at UCEM.

You said

I’d like to have access to the modules I’ve studied after I have studied them.

So UCEM is implementing continued access to modules and this will be applied to all modules studied since Autumn 2020. This means that all modules taken at UCEM since Autumn 2020 will continue to be available whilst you remain a student at UCEM.

For more information on enhancements made to the student experience or to provide feedback, please contact: studentreps@ucem.ac.uk.