UCEM and Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) are set to deliver a single, unified set of apprenticeship services

Posted on: 12 May, 2017

New seamless service introduced for apprenticeships in the Built Environment

UCEM, (leading provider of supported online learning for the Built Environment) and CSTT (an educational charity providing life-changing opportunities for people to enter the surveying profession) today unveiled their plans to expand their apprenticeship services to meet the growing demands from employers in response to the arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy. The two organisations, which already have a strong working relationship, will come together in a formal partnership to deliver a best in class single point of delivery apprenticeship package for learners at both level 3 and level 6 (degree level).

With the Government aiming to fulfil three million apprenticeship starts by 2020, demand for apprenticeship training opportunities is high. The partnership announced today will offer employers a seamless experience from apprenticeship selection through to final assessment, while meeting the growing global demand from employers and students for high-quality, affordable and flexible learning.

Moving forward, the UCEM and CSTT partnership will help streamline all processes across the apprenticeship learner journey. The increased capacity across the team will help meet the growing demand from employers, arising from the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. The unified team will also be in a position to respond to the launch of new Apprenticeship Standards up to Level 7 (Master’s level) within the Built Environment sector, to offer employers and Apprentices a wide-ranging provision with progression opportunities from level 3 to level 7.

William Hill, Chairman of CSTT comments, “A formal partnership with UCEM, the principal provider of our training programmes, is an obvious way to meet the anticipated growth in the sector. They have substantial resources and are the market leader in delivery of the learning in this area. CSTT brings 33 years of experience in arranging and managing apprenticeships. I am therefore delighted to welcome Ashley Wheaton and Wendy Finlay of UCEM to our Board and look forward to working with them.”

Ashley Wheaton, CEO and Principal of UCEM comments, “We’re delighted to formalise a partnership with the CSTT. Together we’ll provide best in class apprenticeship support for the Built Environment.”

Commenting on the partnership with UCEM, Katherine Parker, Chief Executive of the CSTT said, “This is a massive step forward in our ambitions to expand our offer to the market. Our skills between the two organisations are complementary and bringing the resources together is very exciting.”