UCEM taking part in NUS Responsible Futures

Posted on: 17 May, 2017

We are pleased to be joining 23 other higher education institutions in The National Union of Students Responsible Futures initiative. Out of the 24 higher and further education providers involved we are the only alternative provider.

Responsible Futures works with institutions to embed sustainability into the curriculum of every student in education today. It can help to:

  • Embed sustainability into students’ learning experience
  • Prepare students for the emerging low-carbon economy and provide students with skills for the 21st century
  • Strengthen the relationship between students and UCEM

UCEM will achieve recognition by working through a bank of criteria set, UCEM and students work in partnership to earn an accreditation mark which demonstrates real action on education for sustainable development. It’s a true commitment to helping every graduate leave their time in education as part of the solution to our sustainability challenges, rather than as part of the problem.

Rob Young, VP Society and Citizenship at NUS said “We’re thrilled to have UCEM joining our cohort of 24 partnerships in Responsible Futures. It demonstrates UCEM’s commitment to embedding sustainability and social responsibility across the curriculum and ensuring UCEM students are ready to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. We look forward to working collaboratively with the institution and UCEM students to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and attributes for sustainability.

Aled Williams, Dean, Research Innovation & Partnerships at UCEM said “We are aiming to achieve a Responsible Futures Accreditation mark, validating our commitment and efforts to link sustainability knowledge, skills and understanding with application in practice. It is clear that graduates with demonstrable responsible futures skills will be well placed in the race for good jobs, establishing a career or promotion.  Hence, the more UCEM students are able to think about sustainability within their own personal context the more they may benefit”.

Our Sustainability Vision

University College of Estate Management (UCEM) strives for excellence in economic, environmental and social responsibility. A key strategic aim is ‘to develop and implement genuine sustainability credentials’.

Mindful of the impacts our academic and associated activities bear on the environment, UCEM fully accepts its responsibilities to the natural environment and the global society.  We are committed to driving forward the sustainability agenda and will play a positive and transformative role that will contribute to securing an economically, politically, environmentally and socially sustainable future.

Realising our sustainability potential goes beyond addressing our day to day operations, to recognising our position to influence and educate industry professionals who design, develop and manage the Built Environment.

UCEM is committed to:

  • Ensuring our students are conversant in best practice to nurture sustainable built environments
  • Making sustainability a central focus for UCEM at organisational, departmental and individual levels through driving forward long-term and effective behavioural change
  • Establishing UCEM as a leader in the sustainability agenda through actively influencing industry and conducting research