Lucy Roper’s weekly Built Environment news round-up: December 20, 2018

Posted on: 20 December, 2018

Each week, UCEM Information Governance Manager, Lucy Roper reports on the latest news stories from the Built Environment, however, as this is the last blog before Christmas, Lucy veers away from sector news and provides some updates and wisdom relating to libraries and information management.

After all, Lucy is in the business of information governance…

Best books of 2018 and ones to look out for in 2019

When confronted by textbook after textbook, reading for pure enjoyment can become an afterthought. In moments of respite, you may want to pick up a book but what to choose?

Times Higher Education asked a number of academics about their favourite books of the year and what books they are most looking forward to reading in 2019, and I’m curious to know what our students and alumni would recommend.

So, if you have been dazzled by a work of literature this year or can’t wait for a particular tome to hit the bookshelves next year, get in touch and let me know! Email your book recommendations to

Knowledge Foundations on its way

You may or may not be familiar with my e-bulletin (linked to at the bottom of the story) but from next year, it will be rebranded as Knowledge Foundations.

The e-bulletin is designed to be a reference tool, with readers browsing the huge array of content and selecting what may be relevant to them. New name but similar content and I hope everyone will continue to look out for Knowledge Foundations in 2019 and the wealth of information provided for your reference.

Fake news: The fightback

We are all familiar with the term ‘fake news’ but, in an era where misinformation is rife and the boundaries between reliable and unreliable sources can appear blurred, what can be done?

Two leading academics put forward their proposal for fighting back against those who deliberately try to misinform the public. Go get ‘em, Professors!

UCEM’s e-Library still open for business

Whilst organisations and services shut down over the Christmas period, one source you can rely upon is UCEM’s e-Library. Our VLE forums will still be active so continue speaking to your fellow students and use the e-Library to find the answers to the questions you may have during the festive season. The e-Library’s search function is the gateway to any information or answers you are looking for, so if you are studying during Christmas, start there.


I hope you all find some time for relaxation and enjoyment over the break and normal blog service will resume in the new year. Happy holidays!


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