Lucy Roper’s weekly Built Environment blog: Looking ahead to the near future

Posted on: 21 February, 2019

Each week, UCEM Information Governance Manager, Lucy Roper points us in the direction of interesting stories from the Built Environment.

This week, Lucy looks at what’s on the horizon for the Built Environment and finds a call to action to tackle skills shortages in the construction industry, predictions of more widespread use of technology, a potential post-Brexit opportunity for UK hotel investment and some words on the impact of a prospective no-deal Brexit…

Call for combined action to tackle skills shortages

Nine construction industry federations and representative bodies have called for collaboration with the rest of the industry and government to address its skills shortages.

A total of 18 job roles have been identified as requiring recruitment drives to plug the severe paucity of personnel in them. The group recommends bringing in new workers or upskilling the industry’s workforce as crucial to ensure the delivery of projects across the UK.

2019 – the year construction embraces technology?

PBC Today last month published an article which outlined predictions for the year ahead in engineering, construction and infrastructure. The gist of the article was that 2019 will see a digital leap forward for the construction industry but why don’t you take a look at the predictions and decide for yourself? What innovations do you think will dominate the industry this year?

Brexit dividend for UK hotel investors?

It’s the story(/nightmare) we can’t escape from and no I’m not referring to Frozen! Brexit is never far away when surveying the news but can you find a story which presents a rosy picture of the country once the UK has left the EU?

A tough task, but thanks to Savills, a possible positive has been found! If you have a few spare bob and fancy moving on from the board game to play real-life Monopoly then hotel investment could be just the thing! A research article on the leading commercial and residential real estate service provider’s website suggests investing in hotels could be a wise move in Brexit Britain.

Preparing for no deal

Sticking with the never-ending Brexit saga, you may be wondering what actually would happen in the event of no deal being agreed between the UK government and the EU.

Why not check out the current government research on the possibility to see what the impact of a no-deal Brexit could have on the nation.

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