Lucy Roper’s Built Environment blog: (Space) Planes, trains and flat-pack housing deals

Posted on: 28 August, 2019

The latest blog from UCEM Information Governance Manager, Lucy Roper, sees Lucy round up the latest from the sector including a world first in space construction, the latest on HS2 and IKEA’s move into dementia-friendly housing…

Spaceport has lift off

Award-winning British architectural design and engineering firm, Foster + Partners, are never far from a headline-grabbing project, it seems. Fresh from being mentioned in relation to the high-profile ‘Tulip’ planning application in London, the firm also made the news this month for being behind the world’s first spaceport.

Spaceport America in New Mexico is a Virgin Galactic operation with the company announcing that the space centre is ‘operationally functional’. The news will no doubt hearten the hundreds of people who have paid nearly £65m to secure their ticket on the first flight!

Foster + Partners’ website gives a full rundown on the architectural features of the spaceport which is sure to garner more column inches yet.

HS2 slams on the brakes

While preparations in New Mexico step up a notch, the wheels appear to be falling off HS2. The planned-for high-speed rail link between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester has been on shaky ground for a while and could be on course for a complete collapse after new Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, confirmed that government will be launching a review into the project.

For more on the review, head to the government’s webpage on it.

A decision will be made by the end of the year though most of us, I suspect, will not be holding our breath.

Mental health in construction

The CIOB is leading on a survey into mental health in the construction industry. Awareness of mental health in the industry is improving and your views can make a difference to improve things even further. If you work in the industry, be sure to share your thoughts.

Housing for people with dementia

IKEA’s flat-pack furniture is world-renowned and the furniture giant has now used its clout to team up with construction firm, boklok, to create affordable, flat-pack housing for people suffering with dementia. The housing, which incorporates accessibility functions for those suffering from the condition, has been piloted on a small development but is hoped to be a catalyst for change, firstly in Sweden, and then further around the world. Proof that huge companies can do some good!

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