WW2: The Blitz

Posted on: 4 January, 2019

Pigs in the ruins

This article is from the Picture Post (April 3 1943). Picture Post was the UK’s equivalent to Life magazine and in 1943 it had a circulation of nearly 2 million a week.

The most devastating blow to the College came with the Blitz. The premises in Lincoln’s Inn Fields was damaged by enemy action in the Autumn of 1940, before being devastated by incendiary bombs in the Spring of 1941.

The destroyed building led to the College being temporarily rehomed for the duration of the war. Meanwhile, the ruins of 35 Lincoln’s Inn Fields were adopted by the National Fire Service, who established a ‘Pig Club’. At one point there were 36 pigs being reared in the ruins, as well as cockerels and rabbits. The firemen were raising and selling the animals to help to supplement wartime rations.