Muluken’s story so far…

Posted on: 4 January, 2019

Muluken Belete WoldieMuluken Belete Woldie

Programme: BSc (Hons) Construction Management

Tell us about your time at UCEM so far 

I am from Ethiopia (Africa) the reason why I choose UCEM is because UCEM have good experience in online learning and former graduates are also a witness for this.

Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked on/ are most proud of 

Most interesting project that I have done is Dire Dawa (Ethiopia) Integrated land use and management head office building construction.

From the beginning I prepared our company technical document and financial document for the bid and after becoming successful bidder I technically coordinated the project.

The building built up area was 1200m2 and it was B+G+4 Building.

The construction of the building includes civil, electromechanical and data working that why it makes it interesting to participate in such project.

Muluken Belete Woldie Project

Where do you see yourself in 15 year’s time? 

My goal is to achieve a PhD in construction management and to be a lecturer in one of my country (Ethiopia) university to share the knowledge that I get from UCEM or other university to my peoples.

What does the Future of the Built Environment mean to you?

The future of the Built Environment to me means:

  • Build using Advanced technology
  • Environmental concerning sector
  • Sector caring about humans, and the world