UCEM has the right to revise and amend the programme in order to:

  • Comply with external professional, accrediting or other regulatory body requirements, changes in the law or any court ruling;
  • Ensure the curriculum is current and/or mode of delivery or assessment remains current and relevant to intended learning outcomes and/or standards of any relevant professional, accrediting and/or regulatory bodies and/or employer requirements
  • Implement External Examiner feedback
  • Implement annual monitoring or periodic review as set out in the UCEM Code of Practice
  • Preserve the student experience where there are less than ten students eligible to register on a module

Any module or programme changes will only be made in compliance with the requirements of the UCEM Code of Practice chapter on Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, the Student Protection Plan and the Regulations. Should such an eventuality occur during the admissions and registration process, applicants will be informed as soon as possible of any change and the alternative arrangements that have been put in place. Existing students will be informed of when the changes will be effective from, which will usually be the next academic year.