UCEM boosts its accessibility credentials with launch of course for staff

Posted on: 18 November, 2021

Colleagues at UCEM are encouraged to become accessibility experts thanks to the launch of an internal CPD course.

The Accessibility Awareness course – created by UCEM learning technology researcher, Dr Tharindu Liyanagunawardena, in coordination with other members of the institution’s online education department – sits on the virtual learning environment (VLE) and is available for any staff member to take and gain open badges.

Accessible images badge Assistive technologies badge Web accessibility and standards badge Accessible tables badge Accessible colour badge Headings and document structure badge Accessible video and audio badge Accessibility awareness badge

There are seven milestone badges to be gained before claiming the final ‘accessibility awareness’ badge upon the submission of a reflection piece by the learner.

Dr Tharindu Liyanagunawardena

Dr Tharindu Liyanagunawardena

Dr Tharindu Liyanagunawardena reflects: “I want as many people to be aware of accessibility. Once you learn about accessibility, you can apply it to all digital content you create.

“By having this course at hand, I hope UCEM staff will be able to increase their accessibility awareness and by doing so, will be able to provide more accessible material to our students. Also ,they will be able to share the accessibility practices with their networks and hopefully create a snowball effect of spreading accessibility awareness.”