Transform Project

Transform Project: Changes Coming in Autumn 2020

23 April 2019

What is the project?

The Transform Project is about streamlining the way our students get their qualifications: making it simpler, more focused and less pressurised. We realise that people lead busy lives, and that juggling a complicated study programme on top of everything else is a challenge. That’s why we are planning to change the way we deliver our programmes from autumn 2020 – to help our students succeed.

What do the changes involve?

In autumn 2020, current students with UCEM will see the following changes:

  • Brand new programmes and revised module content, in line with current sector practice;
  • A new semester structure, where modules will be studied one at a time, in nine-week blocks.

What are the benefits of the project?

The Transform Project will provide increased benefits for our students, including:

  • New module content, delivered using innovative, online teaching methods;
  • A simpler, more focused semester structure, where students will have the opportunity to focus on just one module and its learning activities at a time;
  • Assessment results prior to starting the next module;
  • The availability of in-year resits;
  • A shift away from traditional methods of examination, towards online assessment in line with industry practice;
  • More down-time from study;
  • We will also be overhauling our internal processes and systems to ensure we can continue to support our students in the most effective way.

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring this project to fruition. We have also been consulting with our key stakeholders throughout the many months of planning, including students, employers, External Examiners and professional statutory and regulatory bodies. We are very grateful to those who have helped us get this far by sharing their views and feedback through surveys and focus groups.

The changes planned will ensure that UCEM graduates continue to meet the demands of the sector, and are the next generation to lead it.

I’ve recently applied or registered to join UCEM – what does this mean for me?

If you are due to be studying with us (or will still be studying with us) from autumn 2020 or beyond, you will see changes to your programme and the way you study with UCEM. As you progress through your programme, we will provide more information to each of you individually about how the changes will work for you, and how you will be supported during the transition to the new semester structure.

I’m an existing UCEM student – what does this mean for me?

If you are an existing student with UCEM, please take a look at the Transform page of the virtual learning environment (VLE) for more information on the project.