Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE) in Surveying Practice

Programme overview

The UCEM Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE) is designed to provide access to higher education study for a wide range of applicants. These may include those who wish to enter the real estate and surveying professions but lack the appropriate academic qualifications, those who already work in the surveying industry seeking career progression and recognition and those who are self-employed and require more formal and/or professional qualifications.

It will also be available to those not currently employed within, but who are interested in joining, the sector and wish to be employed therein.

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Why study this programme?

  • Develop students’ ability to engage with the professional environment in order to describe, explain, analyse and report on surveying and business issues within the context of the real estate and construction sectors
  • Provide both current and aspiring built environment and surveying professionals with an opportunity to develop appropriate skills and competencies in an area of construction and real estate that allows them to enhance their careers
  • Provide an educational programme that is sufficiently flexible to give access to appropriately motivated students to allow them entry onto a Bachelor of Science Honours degree programme

Programme outline

You should also read the Programme Specification for the detailed information on the structure of your programme, the learning outcomes and details of assessment.

View the Programme Specification and Academic and General Regulations for this programme.

This Certificate of Higher Education programme enables students to transfer their credit onto a UCEM Bachelor of Science with Honours degree programme to continue their studies

These are the modules included in this programme and the structure which they follow through the standard route.

Yr April Semester October Semester
1 Technical and Professional Communication*
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Technical and Professional Communication*
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Building, Environment, Technology and Simple Construction People and Organisational Management
Elective modules (choose one from):

Introduction to Real Estate Practice or
Introduction to Construction Practice or
Introduction to Building Surveying Practice


Resources Management

 Core modules
 Elective modules

*Students may join in either the spring or autumn semester, but they must study Technical and Professional Communication in the first semester of study.

The elective modules shown above are generally provided each year.

Should you require further information about programme content please view the programme specification and the module information sheet. The programme specification sets out aims and intended learning outcomes, while the module information sheet provides further detail of the content and assessment method for each module.

UCEM has the right to revise and amend the programme in order to:

  • comply with external professional, accrediting or other regulatory body requirements
  • implement changes for the benefit of students as a consequence of evidence from programme monitoring
  • ensure the curriculum is current and relevant to intended learning outcomes and/or standards of any relevant professional, accrediting and/or regulatory bodies and/or requirements of employers
  • implement feedback and other recommendations from External Examiners

All changes to the programme will be implemented in consultation with relevant students and other stakeholders, setting out the reasons for the proposed amendment(s), and compliance with the requirements of the UCEM Code of Practice on Programme Monitoring, Amendment, Review and Discontinuation. Should such an eventuality occur during the admissions and registration process, applicants will be informed immediately of any change and the alternative arrangements that have been put in place. Existing students will be informed of when the changes will be effective from, which will usually be the next academic year (commencing the 1st September).

Career and study progression

Certificates of Higher Education serve as a springboard for further study and/or entry into the professional workforce. This programme equips students with the essential subject knowledge and study skills to enable them to enter and work within the real estate and surveying areas of practice within the property industry. The opportunities available are fairly extensive and include but are not limited to the following career paths:

  • Property agency and management
  • Property development
  • Contract surveying
  • Quantity surveying
  • Estimating
  • Building surveying
  • Residential estate agency

Students who successfully complete the Certificate of Higher Education will be allowed to progress at an advanced level on to the UCEM BSc programmes which offer the opportunity to achieve either a Diploma of Higher Education (Dip HE) or a Bachelor of Science degree. Advanced entry to a BSc programme at another institution will be dependent upon that institution’s recognition of prior learning policy.

Entry requirements

Entrants to this Programme are normally required to have attained one of the following:

  • GCSE Grade C or above in English and Mathematics (Grade 4 for applicants holding newly reformed GCSEs in England)


  • A Level 2 qualification in English and Mathematics as defined by the Regulated Qualifications Framework in England (RQF). For example the following qualifications can be considered for entry: Key Skills level 2, NVQ level 2, Skills for Life level 2, BTEC award, certificate or diploma level 2, Functional skills level 2, Cambridge National level 2, Cambridge Technical level 2. The academic level of International qualifications will be assessed using UK NARIC. For more information on equivalent qualifications please contact: admissions@ucem.ac.uk

Applicants are normally expected to be 18 years old or over. Applicants under the age of 18 will be considered on a case by case basis by the Programme Leader.

If a student does not meet the standard entry requirements, UCEM will consider the application on an individual basis. In these cases, a student’s application will be assessed by the Programme Leader who will give careful consideration to any professional and life experiences, as well as any academic or vocational qualifications the student may hold. The student may be asked to provide a detailed personal statement and/or a reference or letter of support from an employer or mentor to support the application.

All UCEM programmes are taught and assessed in English. In addition to the programme entry requirements listed above, all applicants will therefore be required to demonstrate adequate proficiency in the language before being admitted to a programme:

  • GCSE Grade C or above in English Language or English Literature (Grade 4 for applicants holding newly reformed GCSEs in England), or an equivalent qualification. For further information on equivalent qualifications please contact: admissions@ucem.ac.uk
  • Grade 5.5 or above, with at least 5.0 in the reading, writing and listening modules, in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test administered by the British Council in the Social Sciences academic module
  • 79 or above in the Internet option, 213 or above in the computer-based option or 550 or above in the paper-based option, of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

For English language requirements please click here.

Applications are assessed in accordance with the UCEM Code of Practice: Admissions and Recognition of Prior Learning (click here).

Applicants may apply to enter the programme in either semester.

Applicants are able to choose study either 1 to 3 modules per semester depending on their outside time commitments. The initial standard offer is for 3 modules a semester however students can choose to progress at a slower pace.

Key information

This programme is delivered by supported online learning and can be studied in any location.


Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE) in Surveying Practice

Application and start dates:

Apply by 3 September to start 1 October 2018


Standard Route

  • 1 year

Time commitment:

30 hours per week in total. 15 hours of the time commitment is study and 15 hours is learning at work – dependent on prior knowledge, experience and prior academic achievement.

Expected workload and contact hours:

Each 20 credit module equates to a total of 200 study hours broken down between directed online learning self-directed learning and assessment. The breakdown between these three types of activity may vary between modules but on average is as follows:

  • Directed online learning (50%)
  • Self-directed reading (17%)
  • Assessment (33%).

Directed online learning is the term used to describe a range of learning activities which you access via the UCEM Virtual Learning Environment, as this is more appropriate for an online learning programme than the term “contact hours”. As a guide it includes, for example, participating in web classes and online discussion forums, watching video material and voice-over PowerPoint presentations and undertaking exercises and quizzes linked to programme materials. Self-directed learning includes reading textbooks and study papers to develop your knowledge of the subject matter. Assessment includes all activity related to the summative assessment of the module such as planning and writing coursework, revising for examinations and taking the exams themselves.


See programme specification for further guidance.

How the programme will be assessed:

Assessment consists of a mix of coursework and examinations. The module information sheet provides details of the assessment method for each module.


2018/19 academic year:
£1,100 per module x 6 modules (usually students undertake 3 modules per semester).
Total programme fee £6,600

Student Loans:
This programme is designated for student finance and students in England and Wales may apply to Student Finance for a tuition fee loan. Eligible students can apply for funding for up to £6,165 each academic year.
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Your programme fees are fixed for the duration of your studies. This means that the fee you pay per module will not increase from one year to the next, as long as you remain registered on the same programme. Different fees may be applicable if you decided to transfer to a different programme.

You may be required to pay an additional retake fee if you are unable to pass a module at the first attempt, and are then offered a further attempt. The retake fee is 50% of the full module fee in each case.

UCEM provides examination centres all over the world in addition to the UK. You should expect to incur travel costs to attend your nearest examination centre, for those modules which contain examinations.

All learning resources required for successful completion of each module are provided as part of your fee. The core texts within each module will be provided via an e-book platform, hard copy books will only be supplied if the core text is not available as an e-book. Additional supplementary resources to support your studies are available through the UCEM e-library. It is a matter of individual choice whether you wish to buy your own hard copies of textbooks independently.

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