Programme Specifications & Academic Regulations


2020/21 Programme Specifications & Academic and Programme Regulations

2019/20 Programme Specifications & Academic and General Regulations

2018/19 Programme Specifications & Academic and General Regulations

2017/18 Programme Specifications & Academic and General Regulations2016/17 Programme Specifications & Academic and General Regulations

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The purpose of programme specifications

Programme specifications provide key programme information, such as programme entry requirements and details regarding the modules/units that make up the programme*. They set out the aims and intended learning outcomes for the programme of study concerned, the programme structure and methods of assessment.

The Programme Specification is an important document for prospective and current students as it details how your programme will operate. Any changes to the Programme Specification must be approved by the Academic Regulations and Programme Specifications Subcommittee and will usually apply at the beginning of the next academic year. Students and applicants will be provided with information on any relevant changes explaining what has changed, the reasons for the change and how it will affect them.

*To support the Transform Project, higher education students who start with UCEM before September 2020 will be provided a personal programme outline in summer 2020 which will show the remaining modules that they must study and pass to complete their programme. The modules shown in the personal programme outline will take the place of the programme structure information shown in the programme specification. 

Academic and Programme Regulations for Students

UCEM’s Academic and Programme Regulations represent the highest written authority influencing the design, development and management of UCEM awards and provide the necessary academic framework to enable UCEM to confer degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards.

These Regulations represent a key means by which UCEM assures the standards of its awards and ensures that students receive equitable treatment throughout their studies.

All students should familiarise themselves with these Regulations as they will govern their studies with UCEM at all times.

The Regulations should not be read in isolation; but read in conjunction with other relevant UCEM documents such as the programme specification, the Terms and Conditions of Contract and the UCEM Code of Practice.