Your Questions

Your questions

If you have received a UCEM diploma or degree then you are eligible to attend the Presentation Ceremony. Those who have been awarded prizes from across all programmes will also be eligible to attend the ceremony.

Following your final results an invitation will be sent via email with instructions on how to register for the ceremony.

N.B Those students who received their college award before the 18 November 2015 will receive a College of Estate Management certificate.

Further information regarding the UCEM Presentation Ceremony.

Your questions if graduating via University of Reading

If you have completed your programme via the University of Reading then graduations are held twice yearly in June/July and December.

The University of Reading graduation office, not UCEM, will contact you by e-mail with an invitation to attend a graduation ceremony. You can register online at If you do not have a username you should login using your Reading University student number and date of birth.  Your student number is eight digits long and begins with a 9; the remaining seven digits should then be the student number you have been issued by UCEM.  Your date of birth should be entered in the format ddmmyyyy.  Click on the graduates and leavers tab on the left to see your records.

You will need to arrange to hire a University of Reading gown (not a UCEM gown) and you will be given the option of arranging graduation photography, details for this will be enclosed in your invitation e-mail.

If you do not hear from the University then you should contact the Graduation Office directly on 0118 378 8116 to ensure that you have been allocated a place and guest tickets.

Further information concerning graduation is available on the Graduation Office Website

Your questions on visa guidance and support

If you are travelling from outside the EU to attend a presentation or graduation ceremony then you will need to apply for a visa to enter the UK. You will need to apply for a general visitor visa.

UCEM can provide you with a visa support letter to support you with your visitor visa application.

If you wish to invite guests to the ceremony and they need a visa then please download the invitation letter template and complete this yourself. It may be useful to provide your booking confirmation email as further evidence of your ceremony date and time. Relatives and friends will also need to apply for a general visitor visa.

Please note:

  • Visitors from countries which are not classed as visa national countries can apply for a visa either before travelling or on arrival in the UK.
  • Visitors from countries which are classed as visa national countries can apply for a visa at the British Embassy in their home country before travelling.

You can assist your friends and relatives with their visa application by sending them the following documents:

  • A letter of invitation from you stating our address, your relationship with your visitor, the purpose of the visit, the dates of the visit and the details of where they will be staying. As you are the person they will be coming to visit the letter must come from you and not from UCEM.
  • A photocopy of the information page of your passport.
  • A photocopy of your own visa.
  • If you will be supporting your visitor financially during their visit, or paying for the cost of their visit, then provide your original bank statements or some other evidence proving that you have enough money to support them. We suggest that these documents cover several months before the date of application.

Please note: The information provided here is only general guidance. Requirements may vary from country to country and you are strongly advised to check with the Home Office, your local British Embassy or High Commission for exact details of the required documentation.

The immigration regulations are subject to change at short notice so all of the above information is not guaranteed by UCEM; it is merely a guide to assist with a visa application. UCEM cannot accept responsibility for any decisions made by the Home Office.

Your questions on the UCEM Presentation Ceremony

How many tickets can I apply for?

You may apply for up to 6 free guest tickets. You can, however, register for more free tickets and you will be informed approximately 6 weeks before the ceremony if these have been allocated.

How will I receive my tickets?

If you have a UK address then you will receive your tickets by post approximately one month before the ceremony.

If you have an overseas address then your tickets will be waiting for you at the registration desk on the first floor at Reading Town Hall.

What if I or my guests have a disability?

Arrangements can be made for any diplomat or guest with special needs, such as wheelchair users or those with mobility problems. Further details regarding access to Reading Town Hall can be found at

Please give details in the appropriate section of the online booking form and we will ensure that these are taken into consideration before the day.

Are children allowed to attend the ceremony?

We value your day as a family occasion, and we welcome babies and young children to the ceremony. However, as it is a formal occasion and can seem quite lengthy to young children there is free access to the museum within the Town Hall complex. Guests with babies or young children will be requested to sit near an aisle, so that if a child cries or becomes restless they can leave the ceremony to avoid any disturbance to other guests.

When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate is a legal document and only one can exist. It is essential that you take time to read through the following information to ensure that your certificate is produced and issued correctly.

Your name will be included on your award certificate in this format; first name, middle names, and surname. The name used will be the full legal name which you confirmed as correct when you registered for your programme. Title such as Mr, Mrs, and Dr are not included.

The name that appears on your certificate should be the same as that on your birth, adoption or marriage certificate as appropriate. Using a different version of your name may cause difficulties later on in proving that the certificate is yours. Once your certificate has been issued it is not possible to amend your name.

Collecting your Certificate

If you attend the ceremony your certificate will be presented to you as you leave the platform after your award has been presented.

If you choose not to attend the ceremony in person then you must confirm via the online booking form the address to which it should be sent. Please note that certificates will not be sent unless a confirmation address has been received.

If you have an outstanding debt related to your programme of study, you will not be eligible to receive your certificate until this has been cleared.

Any queries relating to your certificate should be directed to

Is car parking available at the Town Hall?

Unfortunately, there is no parking available at the Town Hall. However, there are a number of car parks around the Town Centre; The Oracle, Queen’s Road, Garrard Street and Reading Station Car Parks. Further details can be found at

NB Reading is always subject to traffic congestion, particularly on a Saturday, so you are advised to allow plenty of time to find the Town Hall and park your car conveniently in one of the car parks.

How do I get to the venue?

On Foot (from Reading Station)
At the station, walk down the new concourse to the Heathrow Airbus exit and cross over the road to Blagrave Street, where you will see the Town Hall on the left.

By train
From London to Reading: trains run from London Paddington to Reading at least every 15 minutes throughout the day and late into the night. The journey takes just 25 minutes, if you get a direct train.

From Oxford to Reading: trains run every 15 – 30 minutes and the journey takes 30 minutes.

From Newbury to Reading: trains run every 15 minutes and the journey takes between 20 – 30 minutes

By Car
From the M4, leave the motorway at Junction 11 and head onto the A33 into Reading town centre. Follow signs to the train station and turn into Blagrave Street, which is opposite the Reading Airbus terminal at the station’s side entrance. Sat Nav: Blagrave Street, Reading, RG1 1QH

What should I wear for the ceremony?

All students attending the ceremony are required to wear UCEM academic dress. Those students who are receiving prizes only and have already been awarded a University of Reading degree will be required to wear the Reading academic dress.

Dress beneath the gown should be smart and in keeping with the formality of the event. As the gown has a loop in front designed to hook over a button which keeps it tidy, it is easier if you wear a shirt, blouse or dress with a button through front. Jeans or t-shirts are not permitted.

The robe makers to the College are Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd, from whom academic dress may be hired or bought. This should be ordered directly from the robe makers via their website The website is open from the 1 March each year.

Refunds are available from the company if a student has placed an order but are then unable to attend the ceremony (see website for details). Orders cannot be guaranteed unless made at least 21 days before the date of the ceremony.

Payment should be made via credit or debit card at the time of making the order. If you do not have access to a computer, Ede and Ravenscroft have a call centre operating between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, please telephone 01233 861 854.

What time should I arrive for the ceremony and how long does it last?

We do advise diplomats to ensure they arrive at the Town Hall in good time. For those unfamiliar with the venue, do leave plenty of time for your journey as unfortunately there is no parking available.

It is not permitted to register for the ceremony before 10am and only then if you have collected your robe and are ready to take your seat.  You and your guests should be in your seats no later 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

The ceremony will last approximately 1 – 1 1/4 hours.

Will I be sitting with my guests during the ceremony?

No. All diplomats and prize winners have labelled seats and it is vital that you sit in your designated seat as the presentation of certificates and awards are by programme, cohort and alphabetical order. Seats are not allocated for guests but they do require a guest ticket to be admitted. The Town Hall is a public venue so for security and fire evacuation purposes diplomats and guests are asked to retain their tickets throughout the day.

Where and when can I collect my gown?

Robes will be available for collection on the day from the dressing room on the ground floor; marshals will direct you. You should bring your robe collection card with you. The robing room will be open from 8am.

Where and when can I have my photographs taken?

The photographers will be available from 08.00 in the Waterhouse Chamber. Robes should be collected before the photographs are taken (a scroll will be provided). The photographers will stop taking photos from 10.15am to enable diplomats to be seated in time. The studio will be open again at the conclusion of the ceremony and during the champagne reception. Details of the service provided by Ede and Ravenscroft Photography Ltd can be found at As a reminder you will also receive a booking form with further ceremony details and tickets one month before the ceremony.