Keeping in Touch

After the ceremony is over, it would be lovely to keep in touch with you through the UCEM Alumni Association. Membership is free and instantly puts you in contact with more than 150,000 other UCEM alumni across the world, all who have made a similar journey.

UCEM Alumni Association is a thriving, lively online community of fascinating people, bringing with them diversity of backgrounds, skills, achievements and opinions, however they all share a common bond – the experience of studying online with UCEM and the aspiration to keep that knowledge alive and up to date.

UCEM Alumni Association is able to provide:

  • A dedicated LinkedIn Group for alumni and current students where you can network and keep up to date on UCEM and events
  • A range of networking, social and professional development events and seminars
  • Free membership to the CPD Foundation, where you can access a comprehensive evening lecture programme, webinars and other discounted events.

Register for the Alumni Association