Our exam centres

UCEM provides approved examination centres worldwide. All students are allocated an examination centre based on the location of your listed home address and country of residence. It is important to be aware that whilst UCEM will strive to provide a convenient examination centre based on your location, it is not always possible to provide a centre within your immediate local area.

Examination centres are subject to change each year and therefore, whilst UCEM aims to ensure a continuity of examination centres, it may not be possible to provide the same venue each semester. Once you have been allocated an examination centre, you will be informed where you have been allocated via email and given the opportunity to request an alternative centre. Should you wish to request an alternative examination centre to the one that you have been allocated, you will be required to submit an enquiry via Student Central by the Examination Centre change deadline provided within your allocation email.

Standard UCEM practice dictates that where it is reasonable to do so, a maximum of one examination centre per country is allocated. However, the requirement for further examination centres is assessed based on the amount and location of registered centres in each location. The Examinations Team can discuss the options available to you and assess the circumstances of your request as applicable. Further details of available centres may be found in the Policy on Centre Provision under the Examinations area of the Student Services section of the VLE.  Full address details of your allocated examination centre will be included within your candidate letter which will be sent to you by email approximately 4 weeks prior to each examination period.

Please note that the UCEM Hong Kong examination centre is permitted only for those programmes on the Hong Kong Non-Local Courses Registry. With the exception, of MSc Construction Management and Foundation Programmes all UCEM MBA and BSc programmes are registered.

Above are examples of previous centres used by UCEM, however these are subject to change depending on the student demographic.

The only exception to online learning, are the exams. Exams take place in the last two weeks of the semester. This is the only time that you will be required to travel or attend an event with UCEM. Exams will be sat in an exam centre and usually take place in a morning or afternoon session. With students worldwide we try to make our exam centres as local to our students as possible to minimize any inconvenience. You will receive your exam timetable within the first few weeks of the semester allowing you sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements for your exams.