It’s time to study online

UCEM’s heritage in online learning

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2001 - Beginning of UCEM online - Icon

UCEM’s first use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

2009 - UCEM on Moodle - Icon

UCEM’s first use of Moodle

2015 - UCEM Fully Online - Icon

UCEM is fully online

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1 – In a world changed beyond belief, studying online is now the most reliable way to learn.

2 – Earn and learn. Online learning is geared to fit around your lifestyle, so whether you study part-time alongside work commitments or full-time with the weighting the other way round, the flexibility of online learning helps you achieve this.

3 – Study wherever you are in the world. Join a worldwide community where you can share your expertise and build your cultural understanding of practice elsewhere in the world.

4 – All you need is an internet connection. You won’t need to find accommodation or worry about commuting to your campus. If you have somewhere you can study and an internet connection, you’ll have everything you need.

5 – Save on your carbon footprint. Studying online is environmentally friendly. No trees are felled for textbooks, no transportation is necessary for you to access your campus. If you are passionate about sustainability, online learning syncs with your principles.

Why study online with UCEM?

  • As shown on the timeline, we have been teaching online since 2001. This is what has been in place and perfected over many years, with a fully online experience achieved in 2015. The advancements in our online learning continue apace with our large team of experts devoted to ensuring our students have the very best study experience possible.


  • We put the students at the heart of what we do. We have student trustees, student representatives and student ambassadors who provide feedback on how we can improve and ensure we are doing the best we can for our students. Feedback forms are included on every module for any student to offer feedback at any point. This student-focused approach saw us receive an 83% overall satisfaction rate in the National Student Survey (NSS), putting us on a par, and above, many traditional face-to-face universities. Our two-way dialogue with students is essential in us creating the best student experience we can.


  • Our programmes help you fulfil your goals, whether it is gaining an accredited degree on the way to becoming chartered or simply completing a module or two to boost your continuing professional development (CPD).


  • Be supported. Whether you need more pastoral support, careers advice or a bespoke plan in place to help you study more effectively, we have teams here ready to support you. Your peers are also there to help you along the way and we also have a group of alumni mentors who can support you when you begin your studies. You are not alone when you study with us.


  • There has never been a better time to boost your career in the built environment. If you’re ready to take that step, you can do no better than study online with UCEM.


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Listen to Digging Deeper – Episode 3: UCEM’s journey into online learning with Kate Lindsay and Lynne Downey


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Watch our videos below to find out more about online learning, have a quick tour of the VLE, and find out how to study at UCEM.
























What our alumni say


“A lot of what I study will apply to my day-to-day job role so it helps my understanding in work – and, in turn, my work helps me with my studies. And with UCEM, you get access to the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), which means I always have additional reading materials and support available wherever I am, and whenever I need it.”

Patricia Weekes,

UCEM Surveying Technician apprentice alumna


“Having a husband and a young family, time was precious, so I needed a course of study that allowed me to be with my family, work and utilise the spare free time to research and study. It was this flexible approach to learning along with the online platform which allowed me to interact with my peers and tutors which, upon reflection, proved invaluable to my successful study journey with UCEM. Unlike the face-to-face teaching model, the online platform allowed for a more customised interaction based on what and when I really needed the support. I was able to check answers and still had the time to reflect on the many subjects in my own timeline.”

Manal Abdo,

UCEM Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying – Real Estate alumna


““I had a really great experience with UCEM. Studying online, a person has to be determined and able to manage their time. When it comes to studying, the only difference in having a tutor present is that you can see them to have that face-to-face interaction. Having said that, UCEM provided live webinars where students were able to see their tutor when covering a topic which made the experience just as good as having a face-to-face lecture as with the traditional method of studying.”

Theodora Jack-Ryan,

UCEM BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying alumna


“The VLE platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The mixed use of learning resources from videos to case studies really helps those that don’t enjoy solely reading from a textbook.”

Dean Knowland,

UCEM BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying alumnus


““What I loved about UCEM was that, at the start of the module, all your core learning materials are set out on the VLE [Virtual Learning Environment] and you can see what topics you will be studying when. It also showed me when my assignments and exams were so I could plan accordingly.”

Jodie Ronan,

UCEM MSc Surveying – Real Estate alumna and 2020 UCEM Alumni of the Year


“The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) contains lots of content and activities that keep you engaged. I also find that I am asking a lot more questions and communicating a lot more with tutors than I would with traditional teaching styles. There is nothing that you can’t find on the VLE and the forums are a really good place to go as other students share their queries. Half the time a question I wanted to ask is already on there and a tutor has already answered it – so that’s really helpful. The communication to tutors via the VLE is really fluid, there is always someone to answer your query in a time of need.”

Rhys Braithwaite,

UCEM Surveying Technician apprentice alumnus


“The flexible learning is great and having things online really makes it easier to fit studies around day-to-day life. Working 50+ hours a week can be tough but I find that UCEM structure the weekly tasks and activities in such a way that it all seems manageable.”


Ranikque Hayden-Best,

UCEM BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying alumna and UCEM Diversity Student Ambassador

“I quite liked the independent aspect of online learning. I have always been a bit more comfortable with learning at my own pace so it was perfect for me. The tutors are monitor the forum effectively in order for students to get fast answers to our questions.”

Laetitia Reboux,

UCEM MSc Quantity Surveying alumna


“Online learning is really the way to go forward if you are looking to balance your work and studies. UCEM outline your study materials each week which vary from interviews, textbook reading, presentations  and weekly webinars which you can access at any time.”

Murtuza Challawala,

UCEM MSc Quantity Surveying alumnus


““The Virtual Learning Environment [VLE] is easy to use and the majority of lecturers and fellow students were active participants. This brought an eclectic mix of people together and stimulated interesting debates online.”

Jonathan Bayfield,

UCEM MSc Real Estate alumnus


What our apprentices and students say


“It’s been amazing studying with UCEM. I love the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as you are clearly signposted and guided through each of the learning weeks. I feel that I get given a lot of direction so never sit down and don’t know what to do next.”

Yehya Hawila,

UCEM Chartered Surveyor apprentice (Quantity Surveying pathway)


“Like anything new, it took a little bit of time clicking my way around the VLE [virtual learning environment] to learn where resources were and how it all held together, but it was quick to get used to, and before long the format and style UCEM use became intuitive to me. Each week’s learning outcomes are very helpfully broken down and I like that there is even a guide as how much time I should expect to spend on each resource which is very helpful with keeping me on track.”

Rob Hill,

UCEM BSc (Hons) Building Surveying student