How to sponsor a student

To arrange to be invoiced for all or part of an employee’s fees you should complete and sign a Sponsorship Agreement Form.

If you are sponsoring a student, we highly recommend that you ensure that they sign this information release form. This will then allow UCEM to provide you with information about their marks and their overall progress.

The sponsor must download and sign the sponsorship agreement and return it to UCEM prior to the student registering online (only for sole traders can the student sign this form, in which case confirmation of this status is required on the business’s headed paper).  The student will receive notification by email confirming when the sponsorship agreement has been confirmed, and that they are now able to register online. If the sponsorship agreement does not cover the full amount of fees due as shown on the student registration agreement, the student must then pay the balance using the options available through our online portal.

Please note that if you are looking to sponsor an apprentice you should contact as the process is different to the one outlined above.


Once a sponsorship agreement has been accepted by UCEM (usually requiring a Purchase Order number), and you have been invoiced, your company will have 30 days from the invoice date to pay the invoice. This will not affect your employee’s ability to register on the programme.

Programme fees are charged per Part/Semester each Academic Year. This applies to our full degree programmes only.

Important note to all applicants: University College of Estate Management does not charge application fees, acceptance letter fees or any fees beyond those indicated on our website or in an offer letter.

If you receive a payment request from a third party, please notify UCEM immediately by emailing