Retaining talent in your business

Now is the time to look at how UCEM can help you train staff to become Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Builders.

The UK Built Environment industry is experiencing a massive surge of growth – and will continue to grow by 70 per cent over the next decade. This is why the Trailblazer Diploma Apprenticeships are so important. On successful completion of the Diploma, and a pass at Associate RICS assessment, the student is able to progress to the Degree Apprenticeship and, ultimately, to gain Membership of the RICS. All Trailblazer Apprenticeships attract government funding, with two thirds of the cost of the Diploma or Degree being paid by government. They offer firms a very cost-effective mechanism for internal upskilling and recruitment of additional talent, particularly from non-traditional backgrounds. The shortage of skilled talent entering the construction sector is threatening this growth.

The sector requires 20 per cent more construction managers, quantity surveyors, and other skilled tradespeople trades are needed to meet demand over the next four years; construction companies are turning down business because of the skills shortage. UCEM is already educating increasing numbers of quantity surveyors, commercial surveyors, valuers, building surveyors and construction managers in order to close the skills gap and ensure that growth in the sector can continue.

Cost-effectiveness – online learning can cost as little as £4k a year and many firms are looking to up- skill existing staff, rather than incurring recruitment costs.

Retention – continuing to train and develop staff not only adds value to the company – it strengthens the workforce, encourages job satisfaction and ensures loyalty

Flexibility – educating staff while they’re working means they can start making a difference in the work place straight away

Credibility – more staff can have professional qualifications, which are valued and respected by industry professionals

Expertise – companies can increase their overall industry knowledge and easily keep up to date with the latest in technology, economic and financial developments; proving a competitive edge in the market

Relevancy The apprenticeship qualifications allow students to use work-based scenarios for their projects (dissertations).

Increasingly, the Surveying sector is being measured not just not aesthetics and financials but on things like health, happiness, and, most importantly, diversity and carbon footprint. The adoption of digital technologies has also signaled a new era for the industry, promising greater efficiencies and cost-savings. The Built Environment sector isn’t just growing it’s developing and expanding – and fast. It’s important for everyone within the industry to be constantly learning and keeping abreast of the latest developments – in order to stay ahead.

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