Management Consultancy

Specialists in this area provide consultancy service to real estate clients, identifying and implementing business solutions at any stage of the land and property lifecycle. Real estate is defined as “property in the form of land or buildings”

Practice Area Management Consultancy
What skills are required?
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with clients and other professionals.
  • Commercial awareness
  • Strategic planning
  • Economics, business and management skills
  • Financial analysis
What qualifications are required?

A non-cognate or RICS accredited degree may be required, with most surveyors working towards chartered status with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Experience in real estate management, asset management and strategy are valuable.

What is it like in practice? Management consultants work for clients for whom real estate is a significant part of their business. They combine business management and strategy skills with professional knowledge and understanding of real estate industry and markets to meet client needs and commercial goals. Work could include development and implementation of global and domestic real estate strategies for a client’s portfolio, researching and writing a business case in support of your recommendations, and development of real estate policy.
Work Environment Split between office and site work with significant client engagement and research.
Employment opportunities

Include global real estate and construction firms and niche consultancies.

Whilst many students have an RICS accredited degree, there may be opportunities for non-cognate graduates to join a firm and study for a property qualification whilst working.

There are also degree apprenticeships in real estate surveying available.

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Relevant UCEM programmes

BSc Real Estate Management

MSc Real Estate

MBA Construction and Real Estate

You might like this role if you enjoy:

  • Using business skills to support clients
  • Creativity and problem solving in all stages of property life cycle

See more skills used by management consultancy surveyors:

  • Using a wide range of data such as verbal, written, numerical and perceptual information
  • Analysing and identifying patterns in data
  • Project management
  • Working with different people (such as clients, colleagues and the general public)