At this stage of the life cycle, the building may be obsolete due to economic factors, uneconomic to repair or maintain, financially unviable or simply not needed.

The decision to replace or repurpose a building often uses the same specialisms as the planning stage as the financial, environmental and societal impact and potential of repurposing or preplacing real estate is considered.

Key people at this stage can include:

  • Building surveyors may carry out a building survey to assess condition and identify materials used in construction
  • Minerals surveyors may use specialist knowledge where mining or quarrying factors exist.
  • Demolition is a specialist construction role that deals with the breaking down and clearing up of derelict buildings and other structures that are no longer needed. Demolition specialists make surveys of a condemned building, and then ascertain the safest, quickest and most efficient way of bringing it down. This may involve large plant machinery or explosives or taking a building apart by hand.

Key roles of the Repurpose stage

Some of the key roles relevant to the Repurpose stage are highlighted below. Click on the links to learn more about each of these exciting careers and see which UCEM programmes might be suitable for you.

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