Session 5

Apprenticeship Sign Up Documents and Registration

Once you have received your offer to become an apprentice, there are several processes you need to complete to become a current, funded apprentice with access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The first step is to register for your place on the programme, as this forms part of the contract between you and us as your educational provider. The admissions team will send you a personal link via email either as part of your formal offer to study, or as a separate invitation to register when the registration portal opens.

Registering is a quick and simple process that consists of 2 main sections. First, you must access the registration portal using the link provided to you by the registration team via email. Please be aware that this link is specific to you alone, and no log in details are required.

Once you’ve reached the registration portal, you will need to confirm both your personal details and the modules you are completing, before reading and accepting our Terms and Conditions. It’s vital that you carefully read the documents that we have sent you prior to completing your registration, so that you’re fully aware of the contract you are entering into with us.

Next, you’ll proceed to our payment portal. This is the final section of your registration. As an apprentice, you don’t need to make a payment because your funding has already been arranged, but you must still complete the payment portal screen (this will show zero fees). Once this has been completed, you will then trigger the process for us to set up your student email address with Office 365 and activate your access to the VLE.

Confirmation of your student email address will be sent to you within 2-3 working days of you completing your registration, and you’ll have some instructions to follow in order to activate your email inbox and download your student software.

Microsoft Office 365 is provided to all our students at no extra cost, and includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint to support you in your studies.

Your student email address will be your main point of contact with us throughout your apprenticeship. This is also where your log in details for the VLE will be sent, if you have not studied with us in the past. If you are a returning student, or transferring from another programme, your VLE log in details will remain the same as before and you will not receive an email with new details.

Finally, you’ll need to complete your apprenticeship sign-up documents and provide evidence of your start of learning. The video below explains the apprenticeship sign-up documents. Please note you don’t have to wait until you’ve registered to complete the sign-up documents – you can do this as soon as you and your line manager are ready to proceed.

Providing evidence of an apprentice’s start of learning is an ESFA regulation, which must be fulfilled before funding for your programme can be released. It’s imperative therefore that you complete this activity on your first day. Apprentices must log into their VLE and complete at least an hour’s study on their academic modules on Day 1 of their programme (please be aware the Induction module does not count towards this).

Failure to complete this will result in your start date being delayed. This may mean that all your sign-up documentation will need to be re-done to reflect the date on which you did complete enough study, so please don’t miss it.

There’s no Fresher’s Week with us, the first day of your programme is the first day of study.