Welcome to Apprenticeships at UCEM.

We are aware that there is a lot of information to assimilate regarding apprenticeships and we would like you to be able to process this at your leisure.

As part of your enrolment, you will have been invited to one of our weekly webinars, held at 12 noon on a Friday. The meeting link can be found in your Invitation to Apply email, sent from our Apprenticeships team. If you missed that, or no longer have the email, please contact us on apprenticeships@ucem.ac.uk and we will be happy to send you a link for a future one, or provide you with a recording.

To support your understanding, we have broken down the subject matter introduced in that webinar into more manageable chunks with more detailed support materials.

These will be spread over 8 sections that can be completed before the start of term, and you can either engage with these one at a time or delve into it in one sitting.