Dr Renuka Thakore loves to find solutions to real-world problems by approaching them scientifically, applying systems thinking and transdisciplinarity, bringing together technologies, emerging trends in skills, education and employment, future scenarios, and strategic realities. Renuka is recognised for her work as a global leader who engages with academics, businesses, and individuals, from Global South and Global North, involved in climate adaptation and resilience and just transition. She has set up a vibrant, strategically performing community attracting like-minded coordinators worldwide. The network welcomes diverse sections and societies of the world committed to ‘leaving no one behind’ while contributing to sustainable development goals (SDGs). Her personal and professional journey over the last 35 years has taught her the key to this lies within every individual and organisation and the empowering support system. Building sustainable futures based on traditional systems is impossible. They could be co-created based on shared values and common goods.

  • ‘Leaders for Development: Governor Enrique Tomás Cresto’ Award (2022)
  • Global SDG’s Women Ambassador Award (2022)


  • Founder, Global Sustainable Futures Progress through Partnerships Network
  • Principal Sustainability Consultant, Rainkal Eco Consultancy
  • ISO 14064 -1 & ISO 14064 -2 Greenhouse Gas Accounting (GHG) Lead Verifier
  • Ambassador and Partner (Promoter) – 1 Million Youth Actions Challenge
  • The UK Coordinator for International Research Network on Resilient Climate Development – RIPEDRC
  • Future Earth SSCP KAN Steering Committee Member, Observer at UNFCCC
  • Steering Committee member of UPEN (Universities Policy Engagement Network) International Sub-committee
  • Steering Committee Member, Health & Safety Special Interest Group (SIG) at CIWM (Chartered Institution of Waste Management)
  • Steering Committee Member, Waste Collection, Recycling & Environmental Cleansing SIG at CIWM
  • Sustainability and Climate Change Special Interest Group of Institute of Environment Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Qualifications and membershipsResearch interestsIndustry


PhD, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, University of Central Lancashire

MSc, Sustainability in Built Environment Practices, Kingston University

BSc (Hons), Environment Management, Kingston University


AFHEA (Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

Practitioner member of IEMA


Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, transdisciplinarity, systems-thinking, capacity development, leadership, complexity, organisational management, just transition, sustainable transition, public awareness, public value, sustainable supply chain, carbon management, climate change, sustainable economies, life cycle analysis, global development, sustainable cities, biodiversity, block chain, resource management.


Built Environment, food, transport, water, energy, health, education