The Prince’s Foundation

The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community

The Prince’s Foundation is an educational charity which works to teach and demonstrate sustainable development across the globe. Its work is based on the principles of traditional urban design and architecture, putting individuals and communities at the centre of the design process. This exciting partnership allows us to build collaborative learning content to educate our students in the ways of planning, designing and building through timeless, ecological and sustainable means.

Alongside the enrichment of our current course materials, we are also developing and delivering a series of collaborative lectures. This gives our students, and the Foundation’s beneficiaries, access to content from the perspectives of both leading academics and professionals in the field of sustainable urbanism.

The Built Environment industry recognises the current need for a more balanced approach to the natural and built environment, finance, and culture across the globe, in both educational and professional arenas. The combined challenges of global warming, rapid urbanisation and resource depletion demand a better understanding of the way we plan and develop communities for long term human and environmental needs. As sustainable urbanism is increasingly influencing design, construction and management, we are delighted to be working with the Prince’s Foundation to bring this agenda to the forefront of our teaching across our foundation and postgraduate degree programmes.