Giving to UCEM

Transforming lives

UCEM is a UK registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter and was established in 1919 with a mission to help people from diverse backgrounds enter the land, property and construction professions. UCEM has always sought to provide opportunities for all. This charitable ethos was evident from the time the original petitioners made an appeal for funds to found, build and endow a college and in doing so to “make provision in the immediate future for Free Technical Education for the sons of those who have been killed, disabled or impoverished in the Great War”. Since then we have transformed tens of thousands of lives, enabling people all over the world to access higher education and obtain the skills and qualifications to succeed in their careers.

Leaving a gift in your will

Throughout its existence the university college has had to finance its programmes and courses from the fees paid by students and their employers. The success of UCEM has enabled it to set these fees at levels which have allowed continued investment in its academic provision as well as providing courses that remain affordable to its students.

If you have benefited from the opportunities presented by a UCEM education, or if you just wish to support our charitable work, leaving a gift in your will is a generous and enduring way to support our mission of helping people to succeed in the property and construction professions. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything in your lifetime. After you have remembered your loved ones, pledging a gift to us allows you to pass on the gift of education to others.

UCEM registered charity number: 313223

How your support will help

Every gift in every will can make a difference, whether it is to support the work of UCEM generally or for a particular purpose such as adding funds to our New Students Bursary Fund. Since its formation in 2007 this fund has allocated bursaries on the basis of need to over 150 students who have enrolled for UCEM courses such as the Bachelor degrees. Any bequest – great or small – would be hugely appreciated by those who will benefit in the future from such a gesture.

How to give

You can leave a gift in your will in two main ways:

  • A pecuniary legacy – leaving a specified amount
  • A residuary legacy – leaving all, or a percentage of, your estate

If you have already made a will, you may choose to amend it by adding a codicil rather than drawing up a new will.